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Billions of human beings and other species have intuition. Thoughtify's "Algorhythm Technology™" pulls together Collective Intuition as a highly unique, intuitive toolbox to forecast and predict outcomes for personal and business use.

And since intuition is far more than predictions based on choice - Thoughtify is a Forecasting tool for businesses - tapping into real, science-based crowd sourcing. Collective Intuition™ is the

source, and Thoughtify is the Motherboard of Collective Intuition™. Yes, that's right - we are the Home of Intuition™ and Home of Thought Leaders™ like you - and for you.


Download the mobile app now - and bolt-on Thoughtify™ to Thoughtify your Business for increased performance and research.

(Y)our world is now connected to intuitive thinkers and thought leaders - predicting what's ahead for you personally and your company. You can order intuition by industry or geography - age or education level.